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Our team of expert inquest solicitors understands how difficult it may be to come to terms with the unexpected death of a loved one.

This is particularly true if the circumstances surrounding their death are unknown or unclear. This tragic time can be much more stressful if you have to go through an inquest as a family or as an individual, without knowing how that process works and how it can be possible to gather very important information surrounding the loss.

An inquest is an investigation to establish who a person was and where, when, and how they came about their death.

Not every sudden death will result in an Inquest, but below are examples where we have been actively involved in supporting families who have lost loved ones;

  • Fatal Road Traffic Collisions
  • Deaths in a Care or Nursing home where there has been a possible lack of care
  • Deaths where the loved one has received inadequate care or help from their medical treatment provider, whether it is from a hospital, a GP, a Mental Health Team, or other health professional
  • Deaths where the loved one has been cared for by Social Services, or other State Agency
  • Deaths in the Workplace

A coroner must consider whether future deaths in similar circumstances can be prevented and can recommend changes are made and must gather important factual information that establishes how the Deceased lost their life.

Our Director  Sefton Kwasnik has over 15 years’ experience in this area and he offers expert advice and support to all families who may have unfortunately encountered any of the above situations, and others.

He recognises the sensitive needs of the family and can oversee and handle the whole inquest process from start to finish, to ease anxiety and secure maximum outcomes.