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Professional Negligence and Indemnity

Individuals and businesses often require professional support when it comes to legal, technical, or financial matters.  When instructing a professional, no doubt you have placed your confidence in her or him and expect a particular result or outcome to be delivered.

However, professionals are not beyond reproach and from time to time matters can go wrong when bad advice is given, or the services rendered to you are not to the expected standard.  If you feel let down by the professional, chance is something has gone wrong and which may in turn lead to you having a claim against the professional for the losses you incurred as a result.

If you have concerns about the advice or services rendered to you by a professional then, in order to protect your position and evaluate your options, it is best that you have the matter considered by a specialist lawyer.

How can Ozon Solicitors help?

Ozon Solicitors is a specialist professional liabilities law firm.  Our lawyers are technically brilliant in this area and have a proven track record of both pursuing and defending professional negligence actions for more than 40 years. Yes, you read this right!  We both sue professionals and also defend them when they are being sued.  This means we know and understand the two opposing sides better than most.  We know this experience gives us an advantage over our opponents and improves our clients’ prospects of winning.

We act on behalf of:

  • Solicitors
  • Construction Professionals
  • Accountants
  • Brokers

Typical Claims

We cover the full spectrum of professional work going wrong.

Damages is the usual remedy for compensating financial loss resulting from negligence by a professional.

Claiming redress through the court is common practice but, in some instances, there may also be the possibility of pursuing your matter through regulatory bodies such as (without limitation) the Legal Ombudsman Service and the Financial Ombudsman Service.

We will offer Damages Based agreements wherever possible and would advise you to act NOW as there are strict time limits in regard to bringing a claim.