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Company and Commercial Law

At Ozon Solicitors we have developed a wide range of commercial services to meet the needs of our clients. Our commercial team take a pragmatic approach to providing the best solutions for all our clients.

We act for individuals, small businesses as well as corporations, insurers, brokers, and intermediaries in all sectors of the insurance industry and financial services. Our specialist insurance and commercial lawyers comprise of the highest calibre of professionals.

Particularly in times of economic upheaval, it can be desirable for companies to restructure.  This can involve, amongst other things, the selling of unwanted assets, the turning of debt to equity on the balance sheet and focusing on issues related to insolvency and director’s personal liability. We have assisted our clients in all these areas.

We have also helped clients reorganise their legal structure which can involve the consultation of employees, dealing with any property issues that may arise, consulting with customers and obtaining their approval and the restructuring of debt and shareholder funds.

We have particular experience in conducting and managing large, complex litigation and high-profile cases.  These require specialist legal skills coupled with proactive litigation management, lateral thinking, cost control, reporting and client liaison procedures.

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