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How to choose the right law firm!

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Choosing the right law firm can feel like an extremely difficult decision, couple that with the stress of finding out that you need to seek legal advice. It is no wonder so many people find themselves in a state of panic with the fate of the case boiling down to which firm you chose to represent you. The Internet is a fantastic tool for discovering potential Law firms, but with everyone claiming to be some form of Expert / Specialist, how are you supposed to choose the right firm to go with?

In this blog I aim to give you a helpful and hopefully unbiased guide to how to choose the law firm that best suits your needs.

Step 1 – Create a Long List

Creating a shortlist should be the easiest part of the process. In this stage simply Google (other Search Engines are available) the area of Law that you require, and unless you live on a deserted island you should begin to get quite a few results.

Step 2 – Creating the Short List

In this phase, we look at whittling down the long list to find a firm that could understand your needs and requirements, keeping an eye out for the following can really help influence your decision.

  • Reviews/Testimonials - What is the consensus of each firms’ previous clients.
  • What does the firm Specialise in? - Just because a firm can help you with an area of law, does not mean they specialise in it. Now your claim may be straight forward meaning you may not require an expert so why should you pay for one. However, if you require the best I would recommend looking for a more specialist firm.
  • Location - Your type of case will reflect whether you need your solicitor to be within commuting distance. Complex cases Such as Commercial Litigation are definitely made easier when you are able to meet with your firm on a regular basis. Whereas simpler cases like Financial Litigation, can give you more freedom to pick a firm outside your local area.

Step 3 – Selecting your Chosen Firm

Before you select your firm it is really important that you speak to all the firms on your shortlist. Having multiple options may give you a headache, however you will be able to separate the strong from the weak. When speaking to the law firms it's incredibly important to have a checklist in mind, you want to make sure that they are the right firm to represent you in the best light. Listed below is an example of a checklist that I would recommend.

  • Knowledge of the Law - Were you convinced that the person you spoke to has adequate knowledge and therefore can represent you? What advice did they offer you?
  • Engagement - How did the firm engage with you? Did they give you the impression that they wanted to take your case? Did they give you an honest review of your case?
  • Communication - How did you rate your call? Were things explained to you in a clear way? Would you feel comfortable letting this firm work on your behalf? Did they take the time to understand you, not just the case?
  • Experience - Have the firm worked on similar cases? Were they successful?
  • Costs - Can you justify their Price? Could they Justify their price? Are they too cheap for the service they will provide?

Picking a law firm can be stressful, but it is never wise to rush into any decision. Take your time accurately and accurately assess your options.

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